About Us

Who We Are

Inga Potter and Krista Rosen are good friends and Mainers who share a passion for the sea, for the environment, and for doing good. They founded Cold Current Kelp in 2021 to show others not only the environmental benefits of growing kelp, but how it can be a sustainable addition to or replacement for so many everyday products.

Inga Potter

Inga is a marine biologist and affiliate research professor with the University of New Hampshire’s School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. She earned her Ph.D. from UNH studying the biology of ocean sunfish in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland and spending summers on Nantucket with her family, she developed a lifelong love and curiosity for the ocean and the natural world. Inga has spent her career in marine ecology and conservation research and education in New England. Her background and interest in the sustainability and environmental benefits of aquaculture were the motivation behind CCK. 

Krista Rosen

Krista grew up in coastal and rural Maine.  She attended Bowdoin College, where she studied government and economics.  After law school, she practiced securities litigation for many years in New York City and later, Maine.  Krista served on the board of Laudholm Trust, supporting the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve for six years, where she became more passionate about issues around climate change. This, combined with Krista’s family roots in Maine, led to her interest in ocean farming and processing.