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Regeneratively grown kelp

Grown and made in Maine

Using the science of seaweed in skincare

Good for the planet, great for your skin

KelpGlow Signature Citrus

Luxurious blue beauty.

Small batch, handcrafted, thoughtful packaging. Smooth, hydrated skin and a luminous glow.

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Extracted from the sea.

Using a proprietary clean extraction method, we combine kelp’s bioactive compounds with a blend of nourishing oils that hydrate, soothe and support skin health.

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Using the science of seaweed in skincare

Sugar kelp turns from rich brown to bright green as it dries in our greenhouse.

Dried sustainably by nature.

To stabilize and preserve its bioactive compounds, our kelp is greenhouse dried.

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From the pristine, cold Maine ocean.

To withstand the relentless forces of the sea and sun, kelp generates bioactive compounds that are also beneficial for skincare.

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Farmed kelp needs only sunshine + ocean to grow. No land, fresh water, pesticides or fertilizer required.